… but tomorrow never comes!


I’ll just start tomorrow… Just one more greasy-delicious double cheeseburger…

This is my very-absolute-LAST fast food meal, I swear!

Are you guilty of saying things similar to this when starting to consider loosing weight? Trust me; if there were an award for the biggest procrastinator alive, I would win hands down. Not just with loosing weight, but with EVERYTHING in my life. Actually this is a challenge I face daily and has held me back WAY too many times to count or even bother reminiscing on.

I suspect that to affectively lose weight, I will need to work on several aspects of my life first. Why I didn’t realize this earlier bewilders me, but surely explains one small part of why I couldn’t lose weight.

Come to think of it, I need to start to recognize some of those things I would like to change about myself (and I mean that in a positive way):

–      Be more organized (with everything, my weight and my life)

–      Be in CONTROL of my life (Stop letting people, or life situations decide how I am going to live)

–      Stop procrastinating!!!

–      No more being lazy (I guess this ties in with procrastination)

–      Eat to live not live to eat (learn new, delicious recipes that are filling, healthy and most of all ENJOYABLE!!!)

–      Be a role model. (for the kids I work with, as well as for my kids… when I have them haha)

–      Stop being so negative (cut back on complaining!)

–      Stop thinking things will just happen, MAKE THEM happen!

Eight things so far… hmm not bad, doesn’t seem too hard right? Well the thing is, that list will probably begin to grow while I challenge myself to change and come to realize new things… also I know, change won’t happen over night, this will take days, weeks or maybe even months!!

All I can say is, one step at a time

Trying to sit and really think of what you want to change about yourself is kind of hard isn’t it? Could be the toughest part of changing your lifestyle. Do you agree that (possibly) the reason we have let ourselves live such an unhealthy life could be because we did not want to open up the can of worms of all that is ‘wrong’ with us?? It certainly could be the case for me.

What do you feel you need to change? In all aspects of your life, what are you unhappy about? Make your self a list, keep it in a safe place and focus on one thing at a time. As you start to recognize these things (that are most probably holding you back), I am certain it will help push you forwards towards your goal.

As I said earlier, procrastination is a huge issue for me. Procrastination is the base of all my issues. If I work on solving it, I feel as though my other issues may become easier to tackle.

With that being said, my goal for this week is to start recognizing when I am procrastinating and to try to STOP it in its tracks!!!

What will you be working on this week? Let me know how it goes, and what seemed to work for you!

Here we go!!! Good luck!!



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