From the weight loss side of things….


The last two days I have ate pretty good, yet bad at the same time. Usually I would eat breakfast, then I would have a really bad, unhealthy snack  (or two) at work before my lunch shift, and then I would come home and eat a real lunch, then I go to work for 3 hours, after that I come home and have a big, carb-filled dinner. BUT, I find, if I just pack a small breakfast, then I stay away from any temptations at work, keep busy on my break, finish up my day then come home and have a good dinner, it is much easier to ignore the craving for food. So even though I am eating much less calories, I am sure that not eating for 10 hours is definitely NOT the way to go. I guess it’s pretty similar to how I use to live (back when I was close to having a eating disorder) only I would eat very small, healthy meals – just once a day, with lots of excersize, and a fast metabolism.

Is it bad that I long for those days again? I was unhealthy, why do I want that back? Well, on my search to learn about weight loss I’ve read many articles that you are suppose to eat every couple hours, and exercise… So the only difference is, instead of only eating once a day you eat maybe 6 times a day. Sounds enjoyable when you think about it…

Suppose this will be my first weight loss experiment. Eating healthy, 6 times a day and working out!

We’ll see how this goes!!! Feel free to join me, let me know what you eat for meals and snacks!




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