Good bye Christmas…Until next year.


(Written on January 4, 2013)


FINALLY!! The holiday season is OVER!


Okay, I’m not excited because that means the malls will stop playing Christmas music non stop, or that all the cheerful bliss that Christmas is associated with will stop… I actually love Christmas… but when you are trying to lose weight and change your life style… the holidays aren’t really your best friend. What I am excited about is that the ‘holiday’ FOOD WILL STOP!!!

To be honest, I was not doing so well before Christmas came. Though I was eating a lot less, due to the stress of a break up… I was not being healthy. Health did not matter to me at that time. SCREW IT! I thought. I was either going to lose weight the unhealthy and completely WRONG way, or I was just going to give up and pig out! For a couple days I would not eat much at all, then days later I would pig out on absolutely anything all day.

Now I am just in limbo. Not getting any better… not getting any worse.

I need something to cheer me up. Something needs to change.

Suppose I’ll start by looking for some healthy recipes…


Take care every one,

Much love,



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