My first step to weight loss – Conquer Organization!!

Well I’ve begun my challenge on organization. Let me see, first I bought an agenda. Then I bought a new desk from IKEA so I could do homework there. Lastly I bought a plastic drawer-shelf thing, so I could put all my important documents and all my fun paper/pen stuff.

As this is my 3rd agenda I’ve bought in hopes to organize, I was already afraid of failure. Do any of you do the same thing, where you buy an agenda, fill it out so well for a week or two… then you get too busy or forget about it??? Yeah, well that’s already beginning to happen. BUT! I am going to stop and write in it RIGHT NOW!!








There, I caught my procrastination right in its track! Wasn’t so hard. I think I will try to make a rule, once a week I have to sit and update it.

My desk from IKEA has become a perfect spot for clothes that I change my mind on wearing through the week… so I failed at that one. Tomorrow I will make it a goal to clean it off and set it up.

As for the drawer, I haven’t done anything with it. Haven’t made a mess of it, but I haven’t attempted to fill it with what needs to go in. This will have to wait until tomorrow as well. 11:00pm is probably not the best time to go making a bunch of noise while my boyfriend sleeps!

Guess since I can’t do much I will just think about all the awesome organization I will do tomorrow!!! Hey I’m not trying to procrastinate here, really!

Tomorrow is a new day! Bring it on!!



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