Snowball effect…

(Written on January 4, 2013)


Alright!! I am feeling pretty good today about life, weight loss and everything. Last night I went to the gym, for the 2nd time in a row this week and tonight I will be going again!

Can you believe it? I am actually excited about going to the gym… this hasn’t happened to me since last year!


This last week I have been improving my eating habits. Actually, for the past 3 days I have ate REALLY well! Lots of greens!!! The salads I make are HUGE, and so tasty! Oh and not to mention actually filling! I haven’t ate much carbs lately either, and I have no desire for junk food…

I couldn’t even tell you what happened… well I could try…

It’s like a ‘snowball’ effect, except unlike usually; it’s a positive ‘snowball’…. Rolling fast and hard down the hill that is my life. Picking up all the bits and pieces as it goes. Holding onto and growing from all the positive pieces, and letting go of the negative ones.

Recently I have started to write down my goals, or even just my ‘to do’ lists, and I noticed today as I crumpled up like 4 post-it notes that I accomplished a lot of them. Normally, I don’t accomplish much.

Could it be that I have actually been working on one of my goals to change about myself? My procrastination? And it’s actually working??? Wow…

I mean its just one thing after another. Started with my ‘to do’ lists, and its going all the way to finally taking care of myself and putting me first. Which in the end leads to more energy, more motivation and more deep desire to be healthy!

What an amazing feeling! I hope I can keep this up…




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