There’s a first for everything…

Thinking about loosing weight but don’t know where to start???

 Me too. That’s why I’m creating this blog. It’s going to be all about full-blown honesty on what works and what doesn’t. Of course not all the tips or advice will work for every one, but any sort of support/tips is better then none right??

 On my blog you will find feedback on different diets/lifestyles that I will try, recipes (healthy, easy, quick and cheap ones will be my main focus), motivational pictures, inspirational quotes, and mostly a community where we can support each other.

What makes my blog any different then the other weight loss journey blogs out there?? Well, to be honest, not much! BUT, just like when you are at a party, trying to mingle and make friends, you soon find out who you like and who you don’t! I figure I’m real, I’m likeable (I hope haha), I’m down to earth and I am here to help you more then just me!! Even though right now all it sounds like is, ME ME ME! It’s really about all of us!


Lets ditch our unhealthy, unhappy lifestyle!!! Starting… NOW!!!





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