Weight loss Experiment #1 – 6 small meals throughout the day

Let me start by saying, as I am starting to experiment with different diets/life styles I am realizing that the end result will come from a mixture of diets/life styles. Also, unless the diet/life style (or experiments as I like to call them) failed miserably, I feel as though all ‘experiments’ that I do try will be ongoing, and ever changing.


With that being said…

As simple as it sounds, ‘eat small meals, 6 times a day’, I really found it challenging at first. To be honest, it overwhelmed me. Trying to plan my days strictly around when I would eat made me realize how little of time I actually had in a day. Also, I knew this meant eat small- healthy meals, so not only did I have to figure out when to eat but WHAT exactly to eat. AHH!! Healthy stuff takes more time to prepare! Healthy stuff is expensive! Healthy stuff goes bad quicker, so I would have to find time to shop more often!! AHHH!! All those thoughts ran over and over through my mind causing me to lose grip of the whole experiment.

Luckily, as I was struggling with all of this, I learnt about a documentary, ‘Hungry for change’. Amazing documentary, really! I highly suggest it. Anyways, it introduced me to some healthier lifestyle choices as well as this 3-7 day detox diet.
My mom and I decided we would give this detox a try in hopes that it would kick start my ‘eat 6 small, healthy meals a day experiment’. Which, I believe it did. Even though I actually gave up half way through, and of course we opted for doing 3 days only, so really I lasted a day and a half… I still feel as though it led me in the right direction.


The detox wasn’t for me though. Clearly I do not like to feel deprived or restrained. During the detox, all I wanted to do was eat something normal. Actually, I’m not sure I can even call it ‘something normal’, because what I really wanted to eat was something healthy!

Once I finally came to terms with giving up on the detox, I did have a 2-day-of-crappy-eating spree… but then all of a sudden I didn’t want any ‘crap’ food.

This was only a couple days ago, but since then I have ate nothing unhealthy, and I love it!!!


Here’s an example of what I have been eating:



Breakfast: – Apple or Asian Pear

–      Orange juice, Almond milk, banana and frozen     fruit protein shake.

Snack: – A few small cubes of home made smoked salmon

Lunch: – Salad  (One full head of lettuce, with a tomato, half a avocado, a bit of onion, seaseme seeds, cucumber and a small amount of chopped up home made smoked salmon)

–      Tofu chicken with some rose sauce.

–      Fried Kale with some garlic

Before work out: – Another small protein shake (Orange juice, almond milk, ice and fruit)



Dinner (after work out, still researching on what and when to be eating when working out): -A salad (similar to lunch, but a bit smaller)

So, there we go, I am eating a bit more regularly and I have started eating healthy, and delicious foods! I’d say experiment #1 worked, but it needed a bit of help!



Have I lost weight with this ‘experiment’???


Yes! I am finally under the 210lbs mark! I believe I was averaging around 215lbs-217lbs before I really got serious and ate well.

Give it a try at least! If it’s too much for you at the beginning like it was for me start with small steps. Swap out one meal/snack at a time. Gather up some healthy recipes that excite you and you would like to try!


Good luck!! ❤



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