What’s YOUR reason for losing weight?

(Written on: Wednesday, November 14, 2012)

–      Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to the person from yesterday. –

Have you ever stepped on the scale, after months of avoiding it… and come to realize, ‘HOLY S**T!! What have I done to myself! How did it get this far!!?’ ?!? This is my dilemma every single time I step on that scale. Even though I know my weight hasn’t improved, for some reason it always shocks me. When I get on the scale, it’s always further from my goal weight and heavier then I said I’d let myself get. How did I pass that 200lb mark and let it continue? Am I really that weak? How did I not notice!? How could I be living the best years of my life, as this fat, unhealthy and unhappy girl?

I’ve had many moments where I thought, ‘okay today is the day to begin my journey to living healthy and fit’. One was obviously strong enough to motivate me to start a blog on this issue. It wasn’t quite strong enough yet though. I still ate like crap, and had no motivation to work out.


I was at the before and after school program that I work at and I was discussing Christmas activity plans with a child. It was awesome, the child was so excited to be helping with the plans and I love Christmas more then anything. The child gave me a whole page of great ideas… all sweet and innocent, until he thought, “We should get someone to dress up like Santa! Hey, Denise you would be a perfect Santa, you know with your big belly and all!” OUCH!!! I’ve been called pregnant before, but to be told that I would make a perfect Santa, hmm that really went to my head and heart! Kids can be mean, but they say it like it is, and being compared to Santa is what I needed to hear to really set me on my way.

I not only want to lose weight, and get healthy … I want to become that health freak that can tell you where to find the best deal on healthy eats, what you should and shouldn’t be eating and anything else those annoying healthy friends of yours say to you when trying to motivate you to eat healthy. I want to push myself so fricken hard that I collapse at the end of a work out. I want to be your inspiration, and your support. I want to hear new advice and opinions from my readers. More then anything, I want those who are in the same shoes as I to join along in this journey with me.


Lets get this journey going!!! Going to show this fat, unhealthy girl whose boss!



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