Which diet works?


Well, before I attempt my experiment of eating small meals/snacks every few hours I think I should cover some of the diets/lifestyles I have already tried…


–      A couple times I have tried not eating much… at all. This worked for me when I was young, but the weight caught up to me quickly when I started eating again. Also, when I was younger I was on medication that really suppressed my hunger, which of course supported this method…So I would definitely NOT suggest this.

–      ‘Soup diet’… wait not even soup, just soup BROTH!!  Umm do I need to say more? This did not last long at all. I felt depressed, low energy and very hungry ALWAYS. Don’t waste your time on this one! This ones only good when you’re sick and want to be babied in bed… haha.

–      Body By Vi protein shake/meal replacements Actually, I did not mind this at the beginning at all. It was easy, fast and cheap. All you had to do was replace two meals a day with a shake. The shakes were tasty and very versatile, and SUPER FAST! The down side was you had to do this for 90 days!!!  After the first week or two you really start to miss eating food. I wouldn’t mind and might consider protein shakes maybe as a once a day, rushed morning kind of breakfast. If you are stronger then I am, and can handle drinking 90% of your daily meal intake… then I would say maybe give it a try. Soon I will be trying another brand protein shake and I will share which I would rather have. Oh, another cool thing about these shakes, you can use the powder to bake with. The powder tastes like vanilla cupcakes!!

–      French diet (I think it’s called…)? Fruit for breakfast, veggies for lunch and protein for dinner +2 apple cider vinegar pill (1 am, 1 pm)… This was my favorite so far. I got the best results and the fastest results with this diet. I lost almost 1 pound a day, and 20lbs in 2-3 months. The only thing is, I began to get stomach aches from the apple cider vinegar pills as well as all the veggies at lunch really turned my stomach. Also I started to get a little bored because I ran out of ideas for breakfast and lunch ideas. Oh, and it was hard to maintain and afford always having fresh fruit and veggies in the house. Actually, I would totally recommend this ‘diet’, and I might give it another go later on down the road. The only thing is I would suggest compiling a BUNCH of different veggie-based lunch ideas as you go (that are fulfilling and do-able) so it isn’t so hard to prepare.

–      Low carb diet…. This one I did not get too far with, though it seems like one that I would succeed at. I could eat meat for all my meals, no problem… so I am not going to say anything negative about this one as actually my brother swears by it and lost almost 80 lbs from following it properly. Maybe I will revisit this diet…

–      Spoke to a doctor that specified in weight… 

Well this may be helpful to some, but personally this was a joke to me. The only reason I went a second time was because I felt obligated to because I said I would. One good thing I got out from it was, I found out about a farmers market close to my house that sells bulk veggies and fruits for cheap. Only thing is I have never used that great resource. I will one day. I think it’s called Harvest Box Sunnyside Calgary. I will try and find it again for you calgarians who are interested.

–      That famous ‘Cayenne pepper, Syrup, Lemon juice’ drink diet… (Known as the Master Cleanse diet)  Well I never would have tried this diet if it weren’t for a friend who had visibly lost lots of weight and shared this diet with me. So I went all in and thought it would be easy… UMM no… you can’t have ANYTHING else other then this drink… for 30 days (or I guess whatever time period you choose, not sure if there is a time limit)!!!!!!!!!! Yeah I lasted 1 ½ days on this diet. The drink actually wasn’t as gross as it sounds. It was a bit spicy, yet sweet… but since I was depriving myself from eating it only made me want to eat more. I would not suggest this one… Works for some, if you’re really dedicated… but who wants to only drink for 30 days. PFFTTT not me! Give me some food!!!

–      Went to a specific weight loss CLINIC!!… This was a highly suggested, well developed, and an expensive clinic. You can’t just go there, you have to get a referral note from your doctor. So I went through all the steps, went to my first consultation, did some crazy test that involved breathing in a tube for a while, blood tests, and heart rate tests… They then calculated how much calories you burn doing nothing, and how many calories you need to live ect… It was great; if I actually followed through with it I am sure I would have seen results. The doctor was very personable, and supportive. They really laid it out for you to try and make it easy. If I could find out the name I would suggest it. It is a bit expensive the first time you go though. If you think this kind of support is for you, give it a try!!! I will update the info with the name of the clinic!

–      U weight loss Clinic…. Another clinic I tried that calculated your calorie intake and what it should be so on and so on… The AWESOME part was they sat with you and picked meals from their database to make a whole week meal plan – breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner! The HORRIBLE part was, if I remember correctly, I had to take almost 10 pills each meal. So 30 pills a day. They weren’t tiny-non-flavored ones either… they were huge and tasted awful!!! Also, it was expensive… Hmm I wouldn’t personally suggest this, too many pills, and too expensive. Though the meal planning was AMAZING! * If anyone has been to u weight loss, and you have some recipes saved please share!! They are amazing recipes! * I will add the recipes I have to my blog as soon as I type them all up!

That’s all I can remember for now. I am sure there are more. If you have any questions or want to know more about any of the diets I listed, feel free to contact me or leave a comment! If you tried one of these, let me know how you’re experience turned out!!!



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