Why isn’t there a magic pill!?

(Written a long time ago on, Friday, November 23, 2012. I figured I should post some of my old entries to bring everyone up to where I’m at now… might help explain my journey. At this point I remember weighing about 220lbs! )

Lets be honest, if that magic pill really did exsist, how many of you would still LOVE to work out… WILLINGLY?


Well I know at this point, that would not be me. Not even close. In fact, I would rather consider the pain and risks of liposuction way before being excited to go to the gym! BUT that is what I want to change; I want to WANT to go to the gym. Not because I have to, but because I live for the adrenaline that you do get when you go to the gym. Yes I know that adrenaline, believe it or not

I started going to the gym, reluctantly, this past week. I hadn’t thought about weight loss or anything healthy even for a while. Then one evening, one of my best friends (I’ll call her Dani) as well as my weight-loss/work out buddy, had the motivation to hit the gym. After a bit of pressuring, she convinced me to go as well.


Before I go on… I just have to explain a little bit of the back ground story behind Dani and I…


We both are in the same boat… Used to be skinny and gorgeous, but now are fat, unhealthy and super unhealthy… oh and unmotivated most of the time. We both want to reach our weight loss goals SO badly, but both have troubles staying motivated. A year ago we started going to the gym together – Fitness Plus. We actually did really, really good for the 1-3 months we went… (this was when I tried the

‘French diet’) I think we were almost going 4-5 times a week, and to my surprise we were actually excited about it!!

BUT then thanksgiving of 2011 came and we fell off the wagon… until now…


Okay… On with my story….


That day was not really any different then any of my other work days, it actually was one of the longer days as I worked pretty much 7AM until 7:45PM (thanks to my 2-3 different jobs :p). Actually, I was still at work when she convinced me to go. What got me was, I was finishing up at my 3rd job for the day and it was practically right beside our gym. So I thought, why not!? Only thing was I had no change of clothes… but since I am uncomfortable with my weight, all I wear is sweats and baggy shirts, so I was pretty much good to go.

When I got to the gym and met my friend, she was so pumped and excited! Right away we jumped on the treadmills and just went hard! Afterwards we were SO happy. We were ecstatic! We beat our fears of walking into the gym where we imagined only all the skinny, beautiful, and healthy women would be. It was amazing, we had this natural high from working out and I believe also from being so happy that we actually came!!


Sad thing is… life happened, and we didn’t continue going… But we are constantly trying to talk our selves into going…


One day… ONE DAY!!!!

I guess I’ll leave with saying, my motivation isn’t at it’s highest at the moment…


Any tips on getting pumped up and excited to work out!? Oh, how about some awesome work out songs??








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