Can’t sleep …

Tonight I’ve been so busy going through old magazines looking for motivational pictures and quotes… Man do I ever want to meet my goals in time for my trip to Palm Springs at the end of April!
I’d love it if for once, I were able to wear a bathing suit again! And feel comfortable doing so.

To achieve these goals I really gotta kick my ass back into gear. I keep munching out or eating badly when I easily could have a healthier choice.
Going to hit up hot yoga 3x a week and go to the gym 2-3 times also.

8lbs a month to lose 35lbs in 4 months … Might not be the healthiest way to go though… So maybe I should be happy with 4lbs a month …. I’ll give it a window from 4-8lbs. No less than 4 though!

No ones stopping me anymore. No one but myself!!

Anyone have awesome motivational tips or tricks? I feel like I need a reboot.

Hope everyone is keeping warm and safe!



2 thoughts on “Can’t sleep …”

  1. Firstly I just want to say a MASSIVE well done, you look amazing and you should be so proud of yourself! When I’m lacking in motivation, I sit down and write a list of things that I can do now I’m a bit skinner, like, go into my favourite shop, try something on and not want to cry, I went on holiday with my friends and I didn’t feel like the fat one, I go to the gym and feel confident around the people there, just sit down and think about how far you’ve come and the difference it’s made in your life, and it will spur you on that little bit more. Just don’t worry too much about numbers and stuff, you look fab and you’ve done so so well girl x

    1. Oh my thank you!!! ☺️ I really love that advice. It really hit home actually. I hadn’t thought of it that way. Never did I acknowledge that I can walk into a store and try things on with out bawling !!! What a great tip I am going to do that from now on ! I’m glad I came across your blog, what an inspiration and positive attitude you have !
      Thank you so much again! Hope you enjoy the holidays πŸ™‚ look forward to following your blog !

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