Skinny Girl to Fat Chick to Fit Momma

Inspirational! 🙂

Just a Small Town Girl

There was a time in my life, not too long ago, when I had zero regard for the health or fitness. I grew up one of the, ‘lucky,’ ones who had an insanely efficient metabolism that allowed me to remain thin while eating anything and everything in sight. It stayed that way until I was about twenty when I fell into a sedentary lifestyle that included rich high calorie foods and more German-beer then I would like to admit, all while smoking nearly a pack a day. I had never before needed to understand the workings or the values of the food that I ate and it resulted in a chubbier face, a larger pant size, and an unhappier me. After seeing these negative physical changes in myself, I somehow managed to fight back into my size 5 jeans, a small size for my height and frame, but still had…

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