what is the relationship between the Emotions and eating healthy?


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Modern medical research has proved that the human digestive function sensitive to changes in mood . In a positive , happy mood state , gastric will redness , strengthen the stomach and intestines , digestive gland secretion of normal , is conducive to the normal digestive function. When next in depression, sadness , disappointment , grief and other negative emotional states , pale mucosa due to ischemia , decreased gastrointestinal motility , gastric secretion, decreased gastric acidity , is not conducive to digestion and absorption of food , and if long-term anger, anxiety , increased secretion of gastric juice sustainable , so that the stomach acidity is too high, so that gastric digestion of gastric mucus and the role of greater self-healing capabilities and mucous membranes , thus leading to the onset of peptic ulcer.

In medical clinical work also found that many of digestive diseases and bad emotions …

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