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Why can’t healthy food do the same as junk food…


Dinner today…. Salmon n cucumber… Wasn’t hungry all day but started to feel down so naturally I turned to eating…. Well to be honest I haven’t had that bad of a day… So I don’t quite understand this low feeling I have at the moment. I just feel lonely and lame. Before I endured this healthy lifestyle when I would feel this way I would automatically turn to junk food. This time around that didn’t even cross my mind actually…. Until hours later.
I remember at the moment eating that fatty greasy burger made every thing seem okay. And now eating a healthy plate when you’re down doesn’t seem to deliver that same feeling. Of course the out come feeling is proud … Proud you didn’t eat bad and you made the right choice.. So how can a greasy burger satisfaction compare to that? I figure it is just sugar coating all the bull sh*t you’re shoving down… Where as when you eat a healthy meal you don’t get that immediate gratification but it builds up. Hmm guess it’s just like
Healthy weight loss. It’s not a quick fix that works. It’s slow and steady..

I think I need to sit down and make a list of why I’m doing this again. Agh. Some Thursday . Well sorry to be such a downer. Not sure I can even think Straight or if I make sense.


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