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Plateaus …. get over it!

Is this a plateau … or have I lost motivation? Lost my spark, my drive?!

I am going to be completely honest here… I have not worked out hard or pushed myself since the beginning of summer! That is over 9 months!?!!!!! WHAT THE F**K!!! That seriously just hit me… last time I looked back on my months of slacking, it was at 6 months… This is bad…

The only good thing about this lack of motivation or plateau is that I haven’t gained the weight back. My weight has fluctuated the past few months but only by 2-5 lbs at the most. So I must say I am proud of that.


I have gotten way to comfortable in this routine of laziness and my “ohhh its okay I can take a break every now and then” attitude. Today, well yesterday, was the last day of all that though. I didn’t come this far just to give up now!

Anyone else struggling to get back on track?

All I can say is…. this plateau of mine… I’m going to get over it, and I’m going to go even harder than I did when I first embarked on this weight loss journey. Anyone else with me!?! Lets do this!!!


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