Got called fat again…


it happened…

A younger kid I work with poked at my stomach and asked “Why are you like that? You know… fat?”. I’m not sure I should take this offensively at all. After all, two days ago I was talking with another kid, a young girl who has self image issues already and she classified me as ‘Skinny’. But I haven’t been called fat (by kids, or by anyone) in a long time!!! What a kick in the head. 

Seriously though… I have not been pushing my self at all for the last few months and it sucks!!! I have gained a bit of weight but worse than that, I just feel CHUNKY! I haven’t been able to afford all the boat loads of healthy groceries as I usually try to get, and with travelling between Edmonton and Calgary every weekend it plays a toll on your energy levels. 

So as of today, I plan to cut out carbs again. I know it’s all the carbs I’ve been eating that make me feel so big and lazy. Also, I must stop eating after 7pm!!! Soon I will be starting a new job, in a whole new field that will allow me to work out a bit earlier and not be so drained from a 10.5 hour day that only 7.5 of that is paid for.

I hope I can get back on track.

No, actually,  I have to. 

Hope everyone is feeling motivated and energized!!



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