Does love make me fat?

Have you ever searched for excuses for why you gained weight? I’m sure everyone does, it’s normal… What’s not normal is probably 90% of the reasons you come up with… If you’re anything like me that is.

Some of my excuses for gaining 30 lbs back:

– Work was too exhausting, I couldn’t focus on myself — Well that one’s complete B.S. as I lost 60 lbs just a year ago when I had a harder job that consisted of 3 serperate shifts a day at 2 different locations… SO that excuse doesn’t work.

– I didn’t have the money to eat healthy — Hmm, I’m making more money and saving way more than ever before …. But obviously I was spending it on junk, bad-for-you food rather than healthy, good-for-you foods…. Guess that excuse is out of the question.

– Thyroid issues — This could be a possibility as I haven’t got my thyroid stuff checked…. and is so close to making for a good reason to my weight gain… but honestly if I have a thyroid issue now, I think I would of had it a year ago… So, ya…. no.

Last but not least….

– Love ………. I gained weight because I fell in love. When you start dating some one, what is the first date idea that comes to mind? Going out for dinner, or lunch or breakfast…. it’s so fun to dine out together. What’s even more fun though, is cooking at home together… Of course there’s plenty of other date like things you can do or will do… but for me, eating was the most popular. So inevitable with the increased dining out, or cooking special, delicious, not-diet-friendly meals, the weight piled on. I don’t blame my husband, but I certainly think I do hold a slight grudge towards him, which I know is unhealthy. I’m realizing that, and hopefully by realizing that I can start to think differently.

So even if you don’t gain weight from falling in love and going out to eat a bunch. Maybe you gain weight because you fall in love, and your significant other expresses how much they love you for who you are, and you let your guard down a bit. You ease up on yourself, and you start to feel comfortable no matter what you ate in front of him, how much you ate in front of him, or how tight your clothes were starting to fit.

Although love is an amazing, wonderful thing…. don’t let it do to you what I let it do… Use it as motivation, use it as a reason NOT to gain weight.

If you have let it do the same to you, as it has to me. Acknowledge it and get over it, cause you’re life is going to change and you are not going to let love be the reason you gained weight. Let love be the positive & beautiful thing it is meant to be.


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