Starting over SUCKS!!!!!

Have you ever had to restart your journey? If you have I know, that you know exactly how I’m feeling… dissapointed, disgusted (I know it’s harsh but it’s the truth), discouraged, depressed…  horrible feelings and thoughts go through my brain, and I’ve honestly never talked as bad about myself as I do now…. But that’s why I’m starting up this blog again… For any one else out there going through the regret and struggle of starting your fitness journey all over….

Here’s what happened to me:

So 1 1/2 years ago I was at my prime…. loosing weight and feeling good! I thought to myself numerous of times…

              “I will NEVER let myself get back to where/how I used to be. NEVER!”

Yeah well, I guess that was the biggest lie I could have ever told myself… I guess I felt invincible? Honestly, and this is pretty embarassing…. you know what I started to tell myself, as I got back into the junk food-binge eating… I would tell myself, “Hey it’s okay, I can eat this sh*tty food here and there… it’s like a shock to my system. It’s probably good for it…. It’s not like I’ll let myself gain more than 5 lbs…”

How embarassing and flat out stupid is that? Honestly… what was I thinking? How oblivious and naive had I become??? Enough to cause me to gain 30 damn pounds back. My asthma is back… my low energy is back…. my negativity is back… And my fat ass, arms and now bigger than before stomach is back.

So here I am on my new journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle…  If you’re there to let’s start this together and let’s get to that goal weight, no matter what it takes!!

We’re in this together ❤


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