This is it!!

Okay guys, how many post have I had about starting over? I think every other post… and I apologize for that. BUT I CAN PROMISE YOU THIS…. This is IT!!!!!

I have found my groove and I can finally provide you all with useful blog post instead of posts that I just wasn’t 100% authentic with…

2 months ago I came across a youtube video from High Carb Hannah (CHECK HER OUT!!!) She changed my life. The day I watched her videos is the day my whole life did a 360!!!

I now follow the starch solution and am VEGAN!! Yes, no meat… no eggs, no dairy!!! NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS!! As much as possible any ways. Honestly I am not going to be a stickler and if it has an ingredient that can either be plant based or animal… well it’s not meat, dairy or eggs.. so for now that’s good enough for me!!

I’ll explain more next post, there’s SO much more to this whole new lifestyle! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

I promise you all, from this point on, I will have consistent posts that are all follow my new lifestyle!!


Love you all!

Can’t wait to share more ❤


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