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It took me 27 years to figure this out?!?

Hey guys!

So for the first time… ever … I am following up on my previous post and can say that I’ve actually followed/stuck with this new lifestyle for 2 months and a bit now! I am 100% certain that I have finally found what works for me! I’ve found a lifestyle that I think for years I was constantly struggling to find. This lifestyle has shown me that I can actually accomplish something and be consistent with something!

What am I talking about? Well, I’m talking about a vegan, high carb-low fat lifestyle! It’s the complete OPPOSITE of what I had drilled into my mind since I was in my early teen years. I would say, when I was about 12 is when I first started worrying/thinking about weight and health. In fact I am sure many of you will be a little thrown off by the idea of eating high carb and getting your proteins from plant based food rather than eating a very restricted calorie diet that swears on high protein from animal products!

If you’re anything like me, you probably love all those foods that are forbidden in the typical SAD (Standard American Diet)… Like potatoes for instance… I would never eat a potato without the constant voice in my head telling me how bad it is for me, how fat it will make me, or trying to tell me to only eat so much. That goes for so many other foods like pastas, or rice… If I was ever to eat those high-carb food items, I would be bombarded with negative thoughts and feelings. Eating was never a very enjoyable thing for me. Maybe at the moment it was when the food entered my mouth, but as soon as I started to taste how good it was, I was immediately counting the calories and trying to come up with some mathematical equasion to make it “okay” that I was eating anything other than veggies.

What a sad way to live… I’m so happy to have come across High Carb Hannah’s youtube channel! If you guys want more information, awesome recipes or to see the benefits of HCLF definitely check out High Carb Hannah on youtube!!!

Until next time!

Much love!


DeKay! ❤






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