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Lighten up? How? What’s this blog really going to be all about?


I hope everyone’s week has started off well! I like when Tuesdays are over because once Wednesday hits, I can’t help but already start getting into weekend mode. LOL… Which is not the best news for my bosses, cause honestly…. I don’t get much work done when I’m in weekend mode. (#sorrynotsorry)

Let’s discuss what the heck this blog is all about….

Although my blog was created a couple years ago, the name still resembles me and my lifestyle, and what I’d like this blog to be about.

Lighten up…

To be blunt… I initially connected lighten up with loosing weight (obviously). Now, I connect it to so much more. Lighten up your whole inner self by going vegan, lighten up your energy, lighten up your mood! Lighten up any stress that sits on your shoulders. Life is so precious, we only have one life to live, we carry so much around day to day that we all really need to take a moment to lighten up…

I am in fact on a journey to lighten up weight wise, but I never knew how much I needed to lighten up emotionally until going vegan. Going vegan opened my mind, my eyes and my heart so much. I hope to be able to explain it well in another post. It’s really something I wish for everyone to experience. Which is why I am determined to get my blog going and sharing this experience with all of you… (like I should have done from day one, ugh regrets 😦 )

So basically, this blog is about:

  • Vegan Lifestyle (sharing the experience, sharing what I’ve learnt on my journey, and being a voice for the animals)
  • Loosing weight (I have at least 60 lbs I want to loose and would love to share the journey with others and learn from others, help others and motivate other if I can!)
  • To lighten up, mentally and emotionally ( I hold on to a lot of emotional issues, and stress that cause me to miss out on so many day to day life experiences that I just can’t let happen anymore!)

I hope my blog can help others, in any way possible! And honestly, I really hope to build some new friendships along the way!!! This time I’m sticking to it and making it a priority to blog regularly!

So you will be hearing from me soon ❤

Until then, hope your week goes fast and your days are bright!

Much love,

DeKay ❤





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