Oops, I did it again… on purpose!

Well, for the third time…. I have signed up for a Good Life gym membership. It  makes me laugh to think that this is my third time. You think with that many subscriptions I’d be this toned, sexy, supermodel. Yeah, NO!

What got me to this point, was the friendly competition/support group for weight loss that two of my good friends and I have started.. We log all of our work outs, water intake, weekly weigh ins, as well as make little challenges such as, doing 2o squats per bathroom visits. You can imagine, when you’re sharing all this with your friends you really want to be able to write “went to gym” or “did a pump work out” instead of “didn’t work out”.

At first I tried going back to hot yoga since I was able to sign up for their cheap first month deal… well, that was awesome, got me going…. but honestly I can’t justify spending $130 for hot yoga. So after my month was up, that option was out of the question. Second thing I thought to try was doing work outs at home. I have over 6 different BeachBody at home DVD work outs, which actually are pretty good, but I could not find the motivation to actually push my self to the point of dripping sweat. So that didn’t work…  At that point I knew what I had to do…. I knew I had to go to the gym, but would I go!? I started to look into the different options for gyms in my area and made a spreadsheet of the pros and cons of each gym… Well Good Life won, by a couple major points. Such as, open 24/7 – so I could go before work (before it got busy), they had a ladies only section, cheap tanning, and of course the free classes ( such as pump and body step, my favorites).

This time, instead of signing up for a contract for 1-2 years though, I made the deal with my hubby to start off with 1 month, and go month to month at the beginning. Although it’s cheaper, I feel like it’s helped motivated me to go, I really want a gym membership, I really want to do this… so now that I have to prove that I will use a membership, well I actually use it! So, hopefully next month I’ll have a very set routine and I’ll have proved that I’m doing it this time so I can sign up for a year!

It’s been 9 days now since I’ve signed up and I have gone 5 times, so 3 times the first week and now 2 times this week (it’s only Wednesday… just saying 😉 ). And I actually LOVE it! The only part that’s hard is waking up at 5am … eek! But, I don’t want to work out after work. There’s no chance of me doing any sort of work out after work. Nope! So I just have to get used to it, or drink a lot of preworkout as soon as I open my eyes at my first (out of 6 alarms!!).

The hardest part of going to the gym is walking to the ladies change room. After that, we’re golden! At the good life near my house (3 min drive by the way which ROCKS!), there is a ladies only section, which is attached to the ladies change room. I probably wouldn’t go to the gym if it was any different.


Today, I hit a personal best though…Which I’m super excited about!!! I actually ran on the treadmill. That sounds really lame as I read it back to myself…. but seriously, I never could before, or never would at least. I don’t know if it was because I was too nervous, because I honestly was worried that if I ran it would sound like a herd of rhinos jumping around… Or if it’s because I have never tried/been able to! Usually my highest speed was 3.5, guess what it was today!!! 5.3!!!! I know, awesome right! I literally can not wait to hit that speed again tomorrow and push for longer time running!

Speaking of my personal best… I better wind down for the night so I can wake up refreshed and ready to beat that 5.3 or at least kill it!!!

Hope you are all enjoying a healthy, wonderful week!

❤ Denise










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