5 lbs GONE!!

Just a quick update on how my 14 day Vegan weight loss is going… It’s 4 days in I’ve already lost 5 Lbs… it may just be water weight or who knows… but I’m happy as fu*k so whatever! And I’ve got to be honest with you guys, I haven’t been pushing myself very hard this past week… I just did not have the drive or the motivation even though I really should since I want to be successful at this weight loss challenge?

Also, I wasn’t able to buy groceries to prepare meals that are in the meal plan (bank issues, for real hah) So, for this past week my meals have been inspired by the meals in Lean & Clean but not exactly what is suggested to be cooked. This coming week I’m going hard and doing the guide to a  ‘T’.

Anyways… That’s my quick little update and post for today.

Hope every one has gotten the chance to check out the ebook! If you would like to purchase one and get 10% off, use the code: lightenup3 at checkout! Here’s the link: Lean & Clean

One more day until the weekend!!! 🙂



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