What has changed for me since going vegan….

Going vegan started a snowball effect of wonderful things for me… Though I continue to learn quite gut wrenching information, day by day I become more proud and happy to be vegan! ❤

You might wonder what were some of the things that changed… Well let me tell you..here’s a list of what has stood out the most for me…surely the list could be many pages long, but I’ll break it down to my top 6!

1. My mindset – I once heard something that stuck with me… When I ate meat, I consumed the flesh of something that most definitely endured some traumatic, painful and terrifying times… So the energy from that meat I consumed could not have been good. Once I cut out meat and dairy it was honestly like a weight was lifted off my shoulder! Once you open your eyes to what’s going on in the world, you really start to wonder why you didn’t make this change earlier. I became more aware of what I was doing, what I was eating (of course) and what I was thinking. Positivity started creeping up on me…

2. Self respect, love & finally I believe in myself – I honestly don’t think I ever had much self respect before going vegan… As awful as that sounds. Once I made the decision to cut out meat and dairy cold turkey and was actually able to stick to it, I started to see what I was capable of. It was a challenge for me to keep my word and stick to what I said I would do. For the first time ever I can honestly say, I love myself!!

3. Weightloss – if you have read previous posts of mine, specially from years ago, you will know that my big problem/issue was weightloss. I tried everything out there, but my mind wasn’t ready… It was once for a bit but then I lost it… I was engulfed in the idea of low carb high protein, I was scared of rice or potato’s… Calories were memorized for everything. Food haunted me… But, since going vegan the weight is coming off. It is not as fast as I’d LOVE but that’s because I’m seriously just enjoying my time and enjoying eating … But the thing is I don’t need to worry anymore (well not as much, basically only have to worry about the junk food vegan options) now I have potato’s and a lot of them… Now I have big plates of veggies and rice… It’s all plant based and I’m happy ❤ I’ve lost 30lbs this year, but that’s 30lbs that’s gone forever! only another 30 more to go and I’ll be at my goal! Even if it takes me another year, I’m over rushing to get skinny AF!!

4. Cleared up my asthma – before going vegan I had quite bad asthma… Was using my puffer daily, nightly and most nights would wake up having to use it! Soon as I cut out dairy, I didn’t have to use my puffer! I’ve only had to use it occasionally when there are allergens in the air or when I did a crazy hike lol! That’s good enough for me though! 

5. Going after my dreams & realizing who I am – I always was interested in nutrition… And about 10 years ago I found a school in calgary (my home town) that was for holistic natural nutrition… Which intrigued me SO much. The idea of healing our bodies and fueling our bodies with what the earth provides, made so much sense to me… Only thing is throughout those ten years, whenever I would mention my interests to family, they would knock it down and tell me it was too hard…  But then they said the same thing about being vegan. They all expected me to quit and give up… But when my year anniversary of going vegan came by and I was still as serious about it as day 1, I knew I was in for life. See, the thing with me is, I’ll get super interested in something … But after a short time I loose interest! So when I made it a year, it was a huge deal to me! So when I realized that I can do whatever I want and set my mind to, I decided to go after my dreams and enroll in the school for natural nutrition! And guess what! This week I was officially accepted! This whole process has taught me who I really am, not who people want me to be! 

6. Long hair – having long, luscious hair is a life goal for me haha … And going vegan has helped me get there. My hair is finally getting quite long and feeling good! Isn’t the healthiest because I do dye it and use heat on it often, but it’s still better than before! 

I love my lifestyle, so much… I only hope others can find their groove and fall in love with their life, just as much as I have with mine ❤

Dekay 💋


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