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Its official!!!


Yep!!! As of July 3rd, 2014 I decided to take the step to a lighter future for not only myself but the many people I hope and plan to help!!!!

I have never been this excited and driven to achieve success. Not business wise but helping people wise.
If it wasn’t for my coach and amazing friend Laurel, I would be stuck in the 225lb unhappy and unhealthy body/lifestyle as I was in little over a year ago. 

It was around February of 2013 when laurel and I  were at a dress fitting for one of our best friends wedding. We were all trying our bridesmaid dresses on as well. This was a time were it was suppose to be all about our best friend. She was getting married, and she looked stunning in her dress… But when I put my bridesmaid dress on I got so overwhelmed with sadness I couldn’t even hold in the tears.
I was so upset with my self and what I had let myself become.
After we left laurel contacted me and asked what was a matter because I was visably upset at the dress shop but I didn’t want to take away from the brides moment. I explained to her why I was upset and it was that very moment that changed my life forever. She comforted me and expressed such a love and support I will forever be grateful for. That very night after getting off the phone with laurel, as tired and emotionally drained as I was, I drove to superstore and spent the last little bit of money I had on all these vegetables and fruits and just a sh*t ton of healthy food!
From that day on it just went up! Laurel got me into doing insanity from beach body and I couldn’t believe the results I was getting. They weren’t immediate but every day I felt better and better and soon enough every one was noticing! I also started hot yoga… Again, Thanks to Laurel…. 🙂 I strived on the results. Continuously wanted to try harder and harder. And before you knew it, it was a few months in and I had lots 60lbs!!!

How do you thank someone who helped you in the most touching and important way?! I owe her my all. Thanks to her I am living a more healthy and happy lifestyle. Thanks to Laurel I was able to drop the burden of all the weight I gained over the years. Thanks to Laurel I finally can say that I honestly LOVE myself!

For what she has given me I couldn’t be more then happy if I could give that to someone else. Even if its just one person… Or if its hundreds of people! As long as I can pay it forward…. And here’s my chance 💖