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I have to be honest with all of you… I feel as though I haven’t been 100% myself or honest with everyone. When I started up my instagram account, @lighten.up3, I wanted it to be about my new vegan lifestyle, my family, my fur-babies, my friendships and my weight loss journey…  Though that is all I really post about on my page, I’ve been forgetting one key thing I wanted to stay true to… and that was to post the good side AND the not to good side of my life.  Actually, I think I’ve forgotten to stay true to myself all together.

I’m done pretending to be someone else, or trying to be like others. I am done trying to be perfect!

Want to know the real me? The real me hardly wears make up now and I hardly do my hair, so the selfies you see are of the days I actually have to go out and be presentable… I honestly don’t have that many friends and the friends I do have I barely see because I am obsessed with being at home and have anxiety parting with ‘ME’ time. I’m not a very organised person, in fact I’m quite possibly the least organised person I know.. ugh! I don’t think I am as happy as I portray on social media, life is tough, life is also great but yeah, it’s also really fucking tough sometimes… I don’t have the attention span to take wonderful pictures of food nor the attention to detail so be ready for some sub-par food pics (because although many make fun of people who takes pictures of their food, I like to because seeing pictures of what others ate helped me along my journey so maybe I can do the same). I certainly am vegan and damn proud of it, that will never change. I am SO in love with my husband but we most definitely have our moments and arguments (but that shit you don’t need to see). I adore my fur-babies but because I made them their seperate account (yes, I’m obessed- wanna see? @theoverbites) I find I don’t post about them on my page, that’s going to have to change. I am on a weight loss journey, or do I even really want to call it that anymore? I’m so over ‘loosing weight’. I just want to achieve health and happiness, but for me to be happy that means, a bit of weight must be lost and so I will continue to call it a weight loss journey (for now)… I am loosing weight but it’s not as fast as most people would wish for it to be but that’s something I’ll be sharing with you more because you know why? Because, that shit’s fucking real. AND I’M OKAY WITH THAT!

I was starting to get so sick of instagram/posts I was seeing and was almost at the point of wanting to delete my account… but then I thought about all the awesome people I have met and who I follow on there, that I would honestly be sad to let it go. So why should I have to delete my account just because I was sick of the lies and the not-so-genuine posts/accounts on instagram? Instead I will stand against it and I will do my own thing.

This post right here, is my promise to all of my friends, ‘friends’, loved ones, followers, relatives (Ha who am I kidding, they wouldn’t read my shit!), my social media buddies (love you guys!), and to my self, that I am going to cut the fucking crap! I am DONE with all the bull shit, fake-ass, poser-ass shit social media drives us to be. I did what I said I wasn’t going to do and I AM DONE!!

So here’s to posting less fake-ass bull shit and some more fresh & for real shit!

That’s all I got for you today.




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It’s been a year!!!



then2015 and now 2016.jpg

Today marks my 1st year anniversary since going vegan!!! Honestly, I’ve been so so SO excited about this, as if it were an anniversary with a significant other! Seriously… Maybe because in a way it’s an anniversary with the new me I met, a year ago, who I’ve grown to know and love so much! I’ve been enjoying my relationship with the new me very much!Print

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I could make it this far since, I’m not very good at sticking to anything in my life… so maybe that’s another reason why I was so excited for this day! I’m not stopping any time soon. I can’t wait until I can say I’ve been vegan for 5 years, 10 years, ect!

Actually, I have something even more exciting then it being my vegan anniversary…. Well, last night my husband accidentally started playing this documentary called Food Choices. As soon as I realized what it was talking about I immediately got excited and joined him on the couch. He saw how excited I was about the documentary and decided to leave it playing… Well… to make this short… at the end of the documentary he turned to me and said, “Denise, I think I want to try it…”

“You want to try it!?”…  I was already crying from the film and being so happy to watch something like that the night before my anniversary… but then to hear that? I really didn’t think it was true. He couldn’t have meant what I thought he meant, could he?

“I want to cut out oil…. and fish for sure… I don’t want to fish anymore…” he said.

I interrupted, “And cows and pigs?”…

“And cows and pigs…” it was like he was talking dirty to me haha. I couldn’t believe my ears! I kept asking him the next day if he meant it and if he was really going to try. He reassured me that he wanted to try his best, he may not follow it 100% to a ‘T’ (is that how that expression is used?), but for now, trying is a whole lot better than not!!

So my 1st year anniversary turned out to be his first day vegan as well… He even texted me to tell me he stayed strong and said no to a KitKat bar! One of those special big KitKat bars even! Day 1 down, forever to go hah!

We’ll see how everything goes… I’m sure I will keep you posted. Hope you are all enjoying your week and the lovely fall colours and weather! It’s chilly, but perfect weather to cuddle up with the best throw you have and some good movies! Can’t wait for my next free weekend!

Much Love!

DeKay ❤