Helpful Resources…

Here is a list of SOME of the motivational and helpful resources that helped/help me along my journey. Know of any cool ones that I haven’t found yet??? Please let me know!!! I don’t know about you, but I get stupidly excited about a new app or site that motivates me towards my goal!

Apps I use almost DAILY!:

Instagram- I really do have to give a big shout out to instagram here… At the beginning of my journey I could not get off instagram. I would keep myself up hours passed the time I “should” go to sleep, just looking at all the different motivational profiles, and all the cool new recipe ideas. Follow me on instagram! My username is: lighten.up3

Loseit!– This is my favorite app. You start by recording your weight, and then you put your goal weight in. It then calculates how much calories a day you can eat according to how many pounds a week you would like to lose. The most you can program to lose a week is 2lbs, which is healthy but some times I wish it would let me try and lose more… But come to think of it, I want to do this the healthy way, no short cuts so I suppose I’m glad! Also in this app you can log what you eat that day as well as the exercise you do, and it will calculate the amount of calories you eat or lose. There is a ‘motivate’ tab where you can find friends who can help motivate you or you can have challenges with them. I HIGHLY SUGGEST THIS APP!!!

Allrecipes– This app is pretty amazing. It has two really great features. One is called the ‘dinner spinner’, this is a spinner where you select different items according to the category.  Eg.  1st choice – what type of meal you want to make… appetizer, dinner, soup ect. 2nd choice- ingredients … do you have some fish at home you want to use? Chicken? Shrimp? Ect.. and 3rd choice – how much time you want to spend on the meal… do you want to use a slow cooker? Would you like it to take less then 20 mins? Ect…

The next best feature that really got me was, once you have decided on a recipe you can choose to add ingredients to a shopping list. Then you can go through the list and take off what you already have. It’s very easy to understand and takes out all that work of making the shopping list!! I love it! Best of all I am pretty sure it’s Free!!! You have to try it!!!

Urbanspoon– This is a great app to help find restaurants around you. You can choose again by different categories. Eg. Cheap eats, expensive, type of food, what’s close and what’s open! Very helpful if you and you’re friends are having a hard time deciding on a restaurant!

Websites I found helpful:

FitnessLife – This is a facebook page. Every day it posts new inspiring, motivational pictures and quotes. I usually save a picture or two a day because I find they hit the spot. Sometimes you just need to read those random pieces of advice or support. I will probably end up adding lots of the pics on my blog in the motivational pictures/inspiration quote area, but if you check your facebook often and get sick of those whiney, complaining, cry baby status’ then add them because it’s a nice change haha.

Weight loss Stimulator-

This is a fun, free and motivational site. You can upload a photo of yourself, input your desired weight loss goal and it will create a stimulated picture of what you will look like once you’ve achieved your goals. It’s not the BEST quality but it’s fun, and helps give you a real-live picture of what you could look like!

Books & Magazines:

Eating clean for dummies – I am still reading through this book, but from the very first chapter I was already convinced that ‘eating clean’ was something I wanted to devote myself to. It’s very easy to understand… they don’t use all these big words that don’t seem to belong to the english language. Also, there is a section of recipes, so you know when you’re making these you don’t have to worry about whether it is healthy or not.

Clean by Alejandro Junger, M.D. – Similar to ‘Eating clean for dummies’ but a bit more technical. It really teaches you about what we’re putting in our bodies now a days. This book definitely gave me a good awakening and a little kick in the butt to get back into gear. This book includes a detox program with recipes to follow. I have not tried any of them yet but I will be attempting to try the detox soon. I’ll keep you update 😉 Anyone try the detox!?

Fit, Fierce and Fabulous by Katrina Scott & Karena Dawn –  This book is awwwessome!! I just started reading it but already, I love the vibe these girls give off and can’t wait to get involved with the whole Tone It Up community!! This book is a great step by step, lifestyle and health make over guide. It’s a very positive and uplifting book that makes it a very easy read! Currently trying to follow the program, but haven’t been very good at sticking to it, but all in good time!

Forks over Knives by Alona Pulde & Matthew Ledderman – This book really inspired me at first to drop meat and dairy but found it really hard for budget and (fast) weight loss at the time, so for now I am not following the program but I do believe that it is a great idea/ just as long as it works for you. It may not work for me now, but possibly in the near future I will revisit it! I still would recommend the book as it teaches you a lot about what you are eating and where it’s coming from!!!



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